Best dtg printer for small business 2023

Are you looking for the best DTG printer for small business in 2023? You are in luck! In this article, we have carefully evaluated the top DTG printers available to help you make an informed decision. With our comprehensive guide and insights, you will surely be able to find the perfect DTG printer for your business needs

Best dtg printer for small business 2023

  1. DTG Printer Machine(Editor’s Pick)
  2. DTF L1800 Printer(Best Overall)
  3. hrm T-Shirt Printing (Budget Friendly)
  4. DTG Printer T-Shirt Printing 
  5. Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printer 
  6. hrm T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG
  7. PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Printer

1) DTG Printer Machine

Best dtg printer for small business

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HRM DTG Printer Machine dye sublimation printing produces vivid colours and fine detail. This unique method transfers colour smoothly for outstanding prints. This printer prints crisp graphics for complex and simple designs.

Simple operation

HRM DTG Printer Machine prints quickly from your PC. Networking technology simplifies USB printer-PC connections. Integration simplifies printing and setup. Plug in the USB to create.

Fit and Size

Versatile HRM DTG Printer Machine. Many Windows XP users can utilise it. This printer can print huge pages up to 210 by 300 centimetres to showcase your ideas. HRM DTG Printer Machine makes small and big textile prints.

Monochrome Artwork

HRM DTG Printer Machine’s monochromatic printing abilities belie its simplicity. Black-and-white graphics look elegant on this printer. The HRM DTG Printer Machine creates high-quality monochrome prints in delicate grayscale or bright, contrasting patterns.

Flexible vs.

HRM DTG Printer Machines print fabric. It’s great for fabric printing but not for other materials. Fabric-focused printers restrict printing options. For high-quality monochrome fabric printing, the HRM DTG Printer Machine is a good investment.


Finally, HRM DTG Printer Machine is the best monochrome fabric printer. Its superb printing technology, smooth communication, and easy operation produce excellent results. Creatives, entrepreneurs, and designers will love this printer. Creatively improve fabric printing projects with the HRM DTG Printer Machine.

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DTG Printer Machine First Hand Review Video



  1. Easy USB connectivity for quick and easy printing
  2. Dye sublimation technology ensures high-quality prints
  3. Compatible with a variety of sheet sizes for versatility
  4. Monochrome printing capability for specialized projects
  5. Reliable and durable for long-term use

Core Feature

Brand hrm
Connectivity Technology USB
Printing Technology Dye Sublimation
Printer Output Monochrome
Operating System Windows XP
Print media Fabric
Compatible Devices PC
Sheet Size 210 x 300 Millimeters

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2) DTF L1800 Printer

Best dtg printer for small business

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The PUNEHOD DTF L1800 Printer is a versatile inkjet printer that works well in offices and homes. For those who value print quality, its colour printer output produces colourful, eye-catching printouts. This printer’s versatility with fabric and other media is unmatched.

PUNEHOD DTF L1800 Printer: Compact Design

The PUNEHOD DTF L1800 Printer’s compact size makes it easy to fit into any workspace. This printer optimises space without compromising printing capabilities in any workplace or household. Efficient printing replaces messy desktops!

Inkjet Print Quality Is Unmatched

Inkjet printing technology makes the PUNEHOD DTF L1800 Printer stand out, producing brilliant colours and sharp, accurate details. This printer preserves the original content’s richness and clarity while printing photos or professional papers. Your prints last.

PUNEHOD DTF L1800 Printer: Unleash Creativity and Productivity

Professionals and consumers love the PUNEHOD DTF L1800 Printer’s reliability and print quality. Creatives, designers, businesspeople, and anybody who values high-quality printouts will benefit from this printer’s versatility. The PUNEHOD DTF L1800 Printer lets you take control of your printing needs and end outsourcing.


If you need a reliable, high-quality inkjet printer for personal and professional printing, choose the PUNEHOD DTF L1800 Printer.The PUNEHOD DTF L1800 Printer will exceed your expectations and unleash your creativity while printing presentations, photos, or essential papers. Print better today!

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DTF L1800 Printer First Hand Review Video

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  1. Compact design for easy placement in any workspace
  2. Inkjet printing technology ensures vibrant colors and sharp details
  3. Versatile recommended uses for both office and home environments
  4. Color printer output for high-quality prints
  5. Reliable and durable for long-term use

Core Feature

Printing Technology Inkjet
Recommended Uses For Product Office, Home
Model Name DTF-A3
Printer Output Color
Product Dimensions 12.6″D x 25.98″W x 8.66″H

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3) hrm T-Shirt Printing

Best dtg printer for small business

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HRM T-Shirt Printing uses monochrome image output to ensure your graphics are crisp and vibrant. This technology combines precision and elegance for designers and individuals.

HRM T-Shirt Printing effortlessly links with your Windows XP computer for simplicity. This printer solves compatibility issues, so unleash your creativity.

Flexibility and Accuracy

Unmatched Adjustability: The HRM T-Shirt Printing machine’s manual adjustment is its best feature. This lets you customise the printing process for your material. You can print cotton and polyester blends flawlessly.

HRM T-Shirt Printing is designed for custom apparel. Custom T-shirts and other gear are easy to make with its clothing focus. Use your clothes to express yourself.

Printing Efficiency and Reliability

User-Friendly Connectivity: The HRM T-Shirt Printing machine seamlessly connects to your PC via USB, eliminating setup. Just plug in and start creating. No more time-consuming setup or troubleshooting.

HRM T-Shirt Printing supports A3 file formats. The printer accepts A3 file format, allowing you to unleash your creativity and realise your greatest design ideas. Think big, HRM T-Shirt Printing will do the rest.

HRM T-Shirt Printing Unleashes Creativity

The HRM T-Shirt Printing machine is the perfect partner for T-shirt printing professionals and DIYers alike. Its adaptability, versatility, and ease of use ensure an unparalleled personalised design experience.

Dress boldly. HRM T-Shirt Printing provides up many outfit alternatives. Customise your style.

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hrm T-Shirt Printing First Hand Review Video



  1. Easy USB connectivity for quick and easy printing
  2. Ability to adjust manually for precision printing
  3. Compatible with a variety of file formats for versatility
  4. Specifically designed for printing on clothes
  5. Versatile and practical choice for custom garment printing 

Core Feature

Brand hrm
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Supported File Format A3
Operating System Windows XP
Connectivity Technology USB

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4) DTG Printer T-Shirt Printing

Best dtg printer for small business

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The PUNEHOD DTG Printer produces vibrant, accurate pictures. Its vibrant colours make your designs stand out. This printer produces amazing graphics and complicated designs. The PUNEHOD DTG Printer makes drab prints pop.

Easy-to-use Design

The PUNEHOD DTG Printer lets you import and print BMP files easily. This simple feature speeds up your work. Its compatibility with several fabric fabrics lets you print on different clothes. The PUNEHOD DTG Printer works well with cotton and polyester, making it ideal for any project.

Personal and Business Use

The PUNEHOD DTG Printer is perfect for hobbyists printing T-shirts or company owners filling large orders. Its durability and versatility make it a great investment for people and businesses. This printer lets you print small or large batches without sacrificing quality.

PUNEHOD DTG Printers Print Great T-Shirts

Finally, the PUNEHOD DTG Printer is a reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use T-shirt printer. It excels in performance, colour output, and fabric printing. With the PUNEHOD DTG Printer, unleash your imagination and produce great results. T-shirt printing: improve today!

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DTG Printer T-Shirt Printing First Hand Review Video

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  1. Designed specifically for printing on fabric materials
  2. Color printing capability for vibrant and detailed prints
  3. Compact design for easy placement in any workspace
  4. Lightweight for ease of use and transport
  5. Reliable and high-quality for long-term use

Core Feature

Color DTG Printer
Item Weight 32 Kilograms
Supported File Format BMP
Compatible Material Fabric

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5) Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printer

Best dtg printer for small business

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Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printers print well. Dye sublimation printing method produces vivid, detailed prints that catch every nuance and colour gradient. This printer produces amazing graphics, logos, and intricate designs.

Enjoy Flexibility

This printer is ideal for offices because to its MT-TA3 model name and CMYK colour output. It can print on numerous fabric materials, letting you bring your designs to life on varied textures and surfaces. The Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printer prints banners, signage, and textiles.

Improved Usability

The Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printer is designed for convenience. Button control makes it simple to use. This printer’s full potential can be unlocked by anyone. Its user-friendly interface streamlines printing, letting you focus on creative ideas.

Ideal for Offices

The Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printer is perfect for offices due to its recommended uses. It smoothly fits into your office routine, delivering a reliable printing solution for your professional needs. This printer can print promotional materials, marketing collateral, and personalised items.

Reliable, High-Quality

Printing quality and consistency matter. The Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printer exceeds both. It produces professional-quality prints that improve your prints. Say goodbye to poor prints and hello to a spectacular printing experience that shows off your creativity.

Refretonic MT-TA3 Is Best

Reliable, high-performing printers include the Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printer. Professionals that need high-quality prints can benefit from its excellent features, versatility, and printing quality. The Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printer lets you create vivid, detailed, and eye-catching prints.

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Refretonic MT-TA3 Textile Printer First Hand Review Video

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  1. Dye sublimation printing technology for detailed and vibrant prints
  2. Large product dimensions for printing on a variety of sheet sizes
  3. Recommended uses for office environments for practicality and reliability
  4. Color output of CMYK for high-quality prints
  5. Versatile and reliable for long-term use

Core Feature

Brand Refretonic
Printing Technology Dye Sublimation
Color CMYK
Recommended Uses For Product Office
Model Name MT-TA3
Printer Output Color
Product Dimensions 41.34 x 32.68 x 28.35 inches

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6) hrm T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG

Best dtg printer for small business

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CYQ’s HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG is unmatched in garment printing capabilities. This gadget allows firms to easily print on different clothing materials. The HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG prints t-shirts, hoodies, and more. This flexibility allows businesses to provide more products and meet a wide range of customer demands.

The HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG is also user-friendly for industry veterans and newbies. Its simple UI lets anyone utilise it. This ease of use saves businesses time and resources, allowing them to focus on customer satisfaction.

Controlled Precision

Printing elaborate designs requires accuracy and control. Businesses get outstanding printing with the HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG. This cutting-edge machine lets customers manually adjust their printing process for unmatched accuracy and detail.

Manual adjustments allow the HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG to customise printing settings for businesses. This level of control ensures that each design is precisely duplicated and meets the business’s and clients’ creative vision. This machine prints intricate logos and illustrations with excellent quality and clarity.

Reliability and Durability

Long-term business success requires a printing machine that can handle constant use. The HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG considers this, giving remarkable durability and reliability. This high-volume printing equipment is comprised of robust materials and cutting-edge technology.

The HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG ensures seamless production for businesses. Its reliability and durability make it the greatest long-term printing choice for businesses. This equipment reduces downtime, boosts output, and consistently produces high-quality goods.


HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG revolutionises personalised garment printing. Due to its versatility, convenience, precision, and durability, it is necessary for large-scale t-shirt and product printing. Businesses may expand their product line, access new customers, and leave a lasting impression with this cutting-edge tool.

To keep ahead in a competitive industry, invest in the latest equipment.The HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG delivers high-quality, efficient, and reliable prints, giving businesses an edge. Use the HRM T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG to succeed in custom garment printing.

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hrm T-Shirt Printing Machine DTG First Hand Review Video



  1. Manual adjustment for greater control and precision
  2. Capable of printing on a wide range of clothing materials
  3. Durable and designed for continuous use
  4. Ideal for mass-producing printed t-shirts
  5. High-quality printing output for professional-grade results

Core Feature

Manufacturer HRM
specification adjusted manually
specification print on clothes
specification print_only

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7) PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Printer

Best dtg printer for small business

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Dye sublimation printer PUNEHOD DTF-A3 L1800 produces excellent colour. Its sophisticated printing method gives cloth prints brilliant colours. This printer prints graphics, pictures, and other visual elements flawlessly.

Small and Simple

The PUNEHOD DTF-A3 L1800 is compact and space-efficient, measuring 25.98″ in depth, 12.6″ in width, and 8.66″ in height. Its sleek design makes storage easy, making it ideal for small offices and creative spaces.

This printer has an easy remote controller and is tiny. The remote controller makes printing easy. Easy printer settings and options ensure smooth operation.

Smooth Compatibility

PCs work with the PUNEHOD DTF-A3 L1800, allowing smooth integration. The printer connects easily to your PC for fast printing. This compatibility lets you integrate the printer into your workflow without any setup or compatibility difficulties.

Best Fabric Printer

The PUNEHOD DTF-A3 L1800 is an excellent fabric print printer. Its precise dye sublimation method adheres prints to fabric media for professional and spectacular results. This printer produces high-quality custom clothes, home decor, and textile art.

PUNEHOD DTF-A3 L1800 thermal printer features

Bright Colour Printing

The color-printing PUNEHOD DTF-A3 L1800 Its rich, vivid colours make it ideal for printing photos, papers, and other items that require correct colour reproduction. This printer makes images pop.

Windows compatibility

The PUNEHOD DTF-A3 L1800 runs Windows and works with most recent computers. This printer connects effortlessly with Windows 10, 8, or 7. Printing without compatibility concerns is easy.

Refillable Ink Tank for Cheap Printing

Refillable ink tanks distinguish the PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Printer. This revolutionary function makes printer ink refilling easy and cost-effective. Refilling ink tanks instead of replacing cartridges reduces printing expenses and helps the environment.

USB Connection

The USB-connected PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Printer makes connecting easy. Start printing by connecting the printer to your computer or other USB-compatible device. This makes printing easy and flexible.

Advanced Thermal Printing

The PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Printer produces high-quality prints using advanced thermal printing technology. Thermal printing produces crisp images and text. This method produces high-quality prints.


Finally, the PUNEHOD DTF-A3 L1800 is a great fabric dye sublimation printer. Professionals that want great printing results choose it for its bright colour output, compact design, easy operation, and Windows compatibility. This printer’s refillable ink tank, USB connectivity, and improved thermal printing technology make it unrivalled. PUNEHOD DTF-A3 L1800 thermal printers improve fabric printing.

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PUNEHOD L1800 DTF Printer First Hand Review Video

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  1. Refillable ink tank for cost-effective and eco-friendly printing
  2. USB connectivity for easy connection to a computer or other device
  3. Thermal printing technology for high-quality prints
  4. Color printer output for a wide range of printing needs
  5. Compact size and lightweight design for versatile use in office settings.

Core Feature

Connectivity Technology USB
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature Refillable Ink Tank
Recommended Uses For Product Office
Model Name DTF-A3 L1800
Printer Output Color

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Best dtg printer for small business 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to our Complete DTG Printer For Small Business 2023 Buying Guide. If you’re looking for the best dtg printer that fits your needs, then you’ve come to the right place. We have researched and reviewed each model available in the market for its features, specs, performance, and pricing to give you an overall idea of what’s available when looking for a dtg printer for small business.

We are confident that no matter what type of business you run a quality Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printer will make a huge difference in saving time and money while producing high-quality custom designs quickly and efficiently.

We hope this guide will provide helpful information about the different models available so that you can make an informed decision on which DTG Printer is best suited to your business. Whether you’re looking to cut costs or expand your profits by offering unique custom apparel designs, we think this guide will give you some insight into all of the key aspects of a good dtg printer that will help you reach your goals!

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Explanation of DTG printing

Direct to Garment printing (DTG) is a digital printing technology that uses inkjet technology to print a wide range of artwork and photographs directly onto garments. It is an innovative method for making custom designs much faster and cheaper than traditional printing methods, such as screen printing, which require many screens, chemicals, and manual labor.

DTG prints create incredibly vibrant prints that are accurate, precise and vibrant – much better than the standard transfers found in some of the more prominent stores. With DTG printing services, single pieces can be printed in high volume with no setup costs or additional running costs; speaking not just of shirts but towels, hats, etc. The unique aspect of DTG is its ability to print light garments while gaining ridiculously accurate results – something conventional methods cannot achieve so neatly.

DTG also allows customers to design their own customized artwork on the spot rather than having art pre-printed on white t-shirts with purchased designs. This makes it easier for businesses who want bespoke items without breaking their budget. From vivid photos with intricate details to complex logos – almost anything can be achieved with a quality DTG Printer.

Importance of choosing the best DTG printer for small business

Choosing the best DTG printer for small business is crucial to the efficient and successful operation of any start-up or small business. With a top quality digital garment printer, a company can create high-quality products for sale that will help generate more income and grow the customer base. Furthermore, a great DTG printer will help reduce operational costs by limiting waste and maximizing production capacity.

It’s best to choose a digital garment printer with the features which are most important to your particular type of business – from printing capacity, cost-effective printing consistencies, to types of ink used – there are many factors that need to be weighed up in order to identify which machine is suitable for your business. You also need to consider maintenance costs; if you do not have trained technicians on staff, then you may need support from an external provider of customer service/technical support depending on what model and make you decide upon.

Other criteria such as warranty coverage and post-sale services should also be explored before committing to buy – so that you can be sure a good manufacturer supports their customers with continued care after purchase of the product. You should also consider practical factors such as where it will fit into your office(s) space – especially if it’s going inside rather than outside – enabling production line workflow operations within tight working environments. All this takes time but is essential when researching and comparing different models – because only then can you make sure that you’ve found the perfect digital garment printer for your particular needs!

Purpose of the complete buying guide

The purpose of this complete buying guide is to provide insight into the features, costs and ease of use associated with using ai With so many different models and manufacturers on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one best meets your needs. This guide will help you understand what features are important when selecting a DTG printer, as well as giving tips on how to shop for the best value.

It is important to remember that no two printers are alike, so reading reviews and getting advice can help you make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase one. Additionally, this guide explains how a DTG printer works, discusses different types of printing options and provides information about recommended maintenance for optimal performance.

By following the recommendations outlined in this complete buying guide, you will be able to find the perfect DTG printer for your small business in 2023.

Key Features to Consider

When shopping for a Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printer, there are multiple features you should consider before making your final choice. These features will help determine the size and quality of prints that can be produced from the DTG printer.

  • Print Heads: The number of print heads will depend on how many colors the printer can accommodate. Generally, a two head printer is good for just black and white prints whereas printers with four heads can accommodate a full range of prints in vibrant colors.
  • Print Resolution: Print resolution determines how precise or detailed the print is on fabric, with higher resolutions producing sharper images. Most DTG printers offer resolutions up to 1440 dots per inch (dpi), but some advanced models featured increased resolution up to 1200 dpi.
  • Ink Efficiency: Inks used in DTG printers come in various formulations; however, some formulas may not provide enough vibrancy and clarity when printing onto fabrics while being more expensive than other formulas. Be sure to investigate the type of ink formulated by the manufacturer before making your purchase decision.
  • Print Speed: Faster machines are great for high-volume orders but they also come with an increased cost due to increased noise levels and need for more ventilation systems to handle temperature variations during operation hours. For small businesses, consider faster print speeds since it could possibly increase production rates over time without having to replace machinery as quickly due to wear or tear and prolonging life cycle costs of each unit purchased in bulk orders or single units per order.

Print Quality

When looking at printers, one of the most important things to consider is the print quality. Most direct to garment printing offers printers that can produce high-quality prints, with some models having features such as variable dot sizes for precise color details and average ink droplet sizes for precise output.

When selecting a printer for your business, look for one that offers a wide range of options, including glossy and matte finishes, as well as printing on various materials.

Variables such as resolution are also important; standards range from 72 dpi (dots per inch) or 1200 dpi depending on the specific needs of the print job. Also pay attention to how many nozzles there are; more nozzles equate to better detail and faster printing capabilities. Look into CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) ink sets since they produce crisp colors but still provide cost savings, this is great if you’re doing artwork with lots of colors involved.

Last but not least, make sure you know what size prints are offered; standard DTG printers come in different size categories ranging from A5 up to A0. This will help determine if it’s possible to fulfill special requests like oversized prints or specialized formats like jigsaw puzzles.


Print speed (or throughput) of a digital garment printer is measured by the amount of prints per hour. Print speed helps you to determine how quickly you’ll be able to print garments, which can significantly impact production costs and even pricing.

The range of print speeds available today are usually between 36-180 prints per hour, depending on the type and model you choose. Some printers are capable of more than 200 prints per hour, but those are typically reserved for industrial use. If you have a small business, look for digital garment printers with a higher RPM (Rotations Per Minute), which will give you higher print speeds with lower production cost.

When comparing models, it’s also important to consider other factors such as price and quality of prints as these can impact your total return on investment. Take into account the materials used in the manufacturing process as well as post-production requirements and price differences to get an overall idea of what an optimal purchase would be from an economic standpoint.

Maintenance and Support

When it comes to maintenance and support, it’s essential to do your research. Most DTG printers require frequent cleaning and servicing, as well as regular firmware and software updates. You need to make sure that you have access to reliable, friendly customer service and technicians who have experience with your machine. Check out online reviews of the company or look into their track-record on customer service and technical assistance before committing to a printer.

It’s also important to consider the cost of consumables such as ink cartridges, printheads, and other parts that may need replacements over time. How easy is it for you to order replacements? Does the manufacturer offer discounts or rewards programs for traditional customers? Are there any additional accessories or features you might want in the future? Are these offered by the manufacturer at an affordable cost? Knowing everything about a company’s maintenance and support package can help you choose the best DTG printer for your small business needs in 2023.

Size and Portability

Size and portability are important considerations when choosing a Direct-to-Garment Printer, especially if you don’t have a lot of space or want to transport it easily. Most DTG Printers are large, and that can take up valuable real estate in your workspace.

The dimensions of the printer can differ drastically from one model to another; ranging from about 4 ft. x 1 ft. x 2 in. for small desktop models to 6 ft. X 3 Ft X 3 Ft for industrial use models like the Epson F2000 series.

Portability can also be an issue, so if you need something that is easy to move around then consider investing in a smaller or portable machine such as the Kornit Breeze or EB Direct to Garment Printer.

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When it comes to selecting the best DTG printer for a small business, cost is one of the key factors. It would not be prudent for small businesses with limited budgets to invest in high-end industrial-grade printers. Therefore, it is important to look for printers with an affordable price tag that offer good value for money and have features that will suit the needs of a small business.

The cost of a DTG printer can range from as low as several hundred dollars to as high as tens of thousands of dollars depending on its capabilities and features. The cost of consumables such as ink, paper and maintenance items also has to be taken into consideration when making the decision on which printer is right for a particular business setting. It is recommended that small businesses compare pricing and features on multiple models before purchasing in order to get maximum value for their investment.


In conclusion, there are a lot of options you can consider when it comes to finding the best DTG printer for small business in 2023. Depending on your budget, desired features, and printing needs, the best option for you may range from entry-level desktop printers to more advanced industrial-grade models.

This buying guide has outlined some of the things you should keep in mind when shopping around so that you can make an informed decision that will serve your needs effectively long-term. Additionally, we have highlighted five models that offer popular features and notable performance capabilities, making them all great contenders as the best DTG printer for small business in 2023.



Is DTF better than DTG?

It is subjective and depends on the specific application and individual’s preferences. Both DTF and DTG have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Is DTG cheaper than screen printing?

It depends on the specific printer model, ink, and printing conditions. Some DTG printers may be cheaper than screen printing, while others may not.

What is the best DTG printing?

It is subjective and depends on the specific application and individual’s preferences. Some popular brands for DTG printing include Epson, Brother, and Kornit.

Is DTG better than sublimation?

It is subjective and depends on the specific application and individual’s preferences. Both DTG and sublimation have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Does DTG crack?

DTG ink can crack if the garment is not properly heat-treated or if the ink is not properly cured.

Does DTG ink fade?

DTG ink can fade over time, especially if the garment is frequently washed or exposed to sunlight.

How many shirts can a DTG printer print in an hour?

The number of shirts a DTG printer can print in an hour can vary greatly depending on the printer model, ink, and printing conditions. Generally, high-end DTG printers can print several shirts per hour, while lower-end models may only be able to print one or two shirts per hour.

Does DTG work on dark shirts?

Yes, DTG printing works on dark shirts, but the quality and durability of the print may be affected by the color of the garment.

Can DTG print on any shirt?

No, DTG printing may not work on all types of shirts due to the fabric’s texture, composition, and color.

How long do DTG shirts last?

The lifespan of DTG printed shirts can vary depending on the quality of the ink, the garment, and how it is cared for. On average, DTG printed shirts can last several washes before showing signs of fading or deterioration.


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