Best switches for small business 2023

If you run a small business and are on the lookout for reliable network switches, then this guide is for you! You want a switch that ensures secure access to your business’ digital assets while providing uninterrupted networks services. Here, we’ll go through the features, performance, and specs of the best switches available in the market in 2023.

Best switches for small business 2023

  1. Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch(Editor’s Pick)
  2. Cisco Business CBS350-16T-2G Switch(Best Overall)
  3. Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch(Budget Friendly)
  4. Cisco SF302-08Mpp Switch 
  5. STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch
  6. Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G Switch
  7. Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch

1) Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch

Best switches for small business

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The Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch’s 8 ports allow SMBs to connect numerous devices and peripherals, facilitating network communication and collaboration. This smart switch lets organisations add PCs, printers, IP phones, and wireless access points easily. Organisations can improve productivity, operations, and workflow by removing connectivity bottlenecks.

Network Security Without Compromise

In the digital age, data security and network security are crucial. Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switches provide robust network security. It partially protects your network and devices from hostile attacks, maintaining the integrity and security of your business-critical data. SMBs may operate securely by investing in this smart switch.

Easy Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring

Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch’s web-based management interface simplifies network infrastructure management. This user-friendly interface lets you configure and monitor the switch from anywhere to improve network performance in real time. With a few clicks, you can acquire network information, fix issues, and ensure smooth connectivity for all devices.Easy network management replaces complicated configuration.

PoE Technology for Streamlined Operations

SMBs struggle to power network devices and peripherals. PoE technology solves this problem for the Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch. PoE lets switches power IP cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones. This reduces cable clutter and eliminates the need for power adapters. SMBs can save money, improve efficiency, and have a single power and data infrastructure by using PoE technology.

Investment and Dependability

Because networking infrastructure is a long-term investment, SMBs need durable technologies. The Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch offers a lifetime warranty to reassure customers and protect their investment. This smart switch is sturdy and reliable, requiring fewer replacements and upgrades. Businesses can focus on core activities without worrying about network stability or premature equipment replacements with the Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch.


In conclusion, the Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch is a powerful and reliable networking solution designed for small businesses. Its comprehensive security measures, user-friendly management interface, Power over Ethernet technology, and long-term reliability make it an ideal choice for SMBs looking to optimise their network infrastructure. The Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch delivers superior performance, seamless connectivity, and increased productivity.

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Cisco CBS250-8PP-E-2G Smart Switch First Hand Review Video

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  • Supports PoE technology for easy device powering
  • IP65 rating provides protection from dust and water
  • Web-based management interface for easy configuration and monitoring
  • Compact size makes it easy to install in tight spaces
  • Comes with one unit count and one number of items for easy setup

Core Feature

Operation Mode Smart Switch
Brand Cisco
Material Copper
Item Dimensions LxWxH 10.56 x 7.28 x 1.73 inches
International Protection Rating IP65
Unit Count 1.0 Count

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2) Cisco Business CBS350-16T-2G Switch

Best switches for small business

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The CBS350-16T-2G connects network devices with 16 Ethernet ports and 2 Gigabit SFP uplinks. This allows various device connections, fostering teamwork and communication. This switch connects PCs, printers, servers, and other network devices.

Small and Convenient

Cisco Business CBS350-16T-2G switch is compact and quick to install, designed for small enterprises. Its 10.55 x 10.69 x 1.73-inch dimensions allow it to be used on a desktop, saving workplace space.

Superior Security

Any business network needs robust security, and the CBS350-16T-2G switch protects your data. ACLs and 802.1X authentication prevent unauthorised network access. This switch protects your network from attackers with its strong deterrent.

Efficiency and Productivity

Cisco Business CBS350-16T-2G switch ensures network stability. QoS prioritises network traffic and optimises bandwidth distribution. This ensures key apps and services receive sufficient resources, improving productivity and user happiness.

Cost-Effective and Dependable

Cisco Business CBS350-16T-2G switches are stable and cost-effective business network solutions. Cisco’s lifetime limited warranty ensures product quality. This switch is great for companies of all sizes because it’s affordable.


Cisco Business CBS350-16T-2G switches are the best for network security and performance. This switch excels in connection, security, performance, and affordability. The Cisco Business CBS350-16T-2G switch will boost your business and network.

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Cisco Business CBS350-16T-2G Switch First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Cisco


  • 16 ports provide plenty of connectivity options
  • Advanced security features for protecting your network
  • Energy-Efficient Ethernet technology helps to reduce power consumption
  • Comes with included components for easy setup
  • Compatible with desktop devices

Core Feature

Brand Cisco
Number of Ports 16
Included Components Switch, Power cord or adapter
Compatible Devices Desktop
Item Dimensions LxWxH 10.55 x 10.69 x 1.73 inches

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3) Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Best switches for small business

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Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switches optimise network connectivity and data throughput. This switch benefits any network infrastructure with its excellent capabilities and user-friendly design. We’ll discuss the Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch’s benefits and features, including its ability to boost network performance and efficiency.

Gigabit Ethernet Speeding Networks

Gigabit Ethernet capability distinguishes the Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Fast Ethernet is slower than Gigabit Ethernet. This switch uses Gigabit Ethernet to carry data at up to 1000 Mbps, enabling quick file transfers, smooth video streaming, and lag-free online gaming.

Multiple-Port Network Expansion

Multiple ports on the Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch enable network expansion and communication. Users can simply expand their networks with 5–24 port options. These ports connect computers, printers, IP cameras, gaming consoles, and smart home gadgets. Users can centrally manage their network infrastructure by connecting several devices to the switch.

Adaptable Network Management

Effective network administration ensures performance and security. The Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch has multiple management options for different network settings. Based on their needs, users can choose managed or unmanaged switches.

Unmanaged switches are plug-and-play for small networks. Home users and small enterprises that value simplicity and convenience of use should choose this option.

For bigger networks, the controlled switch offers advanced management. Managed switches let users configure VLANs, QoS prioritisation, and link aggregation. These capabilities help network administrators optimise bandwidth allocation, prioritise vital data traffic, and improve network efficiency.

Securer Network

Cybersecurity risks make network security crucial. Secure data and prevent unauthorised access with the Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch. MAC address filtering lets network administrators restrict device access. The switch uses powerful encryption techniques to prevent data breaches and unauthorised interception.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Design

The energy-efficient Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch promotes sustainability. The switch uses IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) and power-saving features. Low network activity reduces power usage, lowering energy expenditures and carbon footprint.


The Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch optimises network communication with reliability and performance. This switch offers Gigabit Ethernet, several ports for network expansion, flexible control, better security, and energy-efficient design for people and organisations looking to improve network performance and efficiency. Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switches unlock network infrastructure potential.

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Aumox Gigabit Ethernet Switch First Hand Review Video

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  • Compact size makes it easy to install in tight spaces
  • Flow Control and Temperature Control technology optimize network performance
  • Energy-efficient design helps to reduce power consumption
  • Supports VLANs for network segmentation
  • Temperature Control technology

Core Feature

Brand Aumox
Number of Ports 8
Color 8 Port
Compatible Devices Desktop
Switch Type Flow Switch, Temperature Switch
Product Dimensions 5.35 x 2.95 x 0.98 inches

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4) Cisco SF302-08Mpp Switch

Best switches for small business

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The Cisco SF302-08MPP switch’s web-based interface simplifies setup and configuration. This simple interface lets non-technical users optimise and control their network settings. The Cisco SF302-08MPP switch streamlines installation and configuration, saving time.

Secure Network

Today’s digital world demands data and network security. The Cisco SF302-08MPP switch protects your network from outside attacks with strong security capabilities. These enhanced security measures will protect your sensitive data and keep corporate operations running smoothly.

Use Connectivity’s Power

Integration-Friendly Ports

The Cisco SF302-08MPP switch has eight high-speed 10/100 Ethernet ports for easy device integration. This switch connects PCs, printers, and other network-enabled devices easily. Connecting several devices simplifies corporate collaboration.

Layer-3 Routing for Fast Data Transfer

Layer 3 routing lets the Cisco SF302-08MPP switch easily route traffic between VLANs. This feature directs data down the most efficient channels, minimising congestion and enhancing performance. Communication and data transfer across VLANs ensures company continuity.

Cost-Effectiveness and Reliability

Cisco’s SF302-08MPP switch is reliable and high-quality. This switch can handle small company demands with its solid construction and design. Cisco’s reputation ensures reliable corporate connectivity.

Small businesses can save money with the Cisco SF302-08MPP switch. This switch optimises network performance while staying under budget by offering a wide range of features and capabilities.


In conclusion, the Cisco SF302-08MPP switch boosts small company connectivity with its robust and flexible network solution. It optimises network performance with its user-friendly interface, strong security, flexible ports, intelligent QoS, and Layer 3 routing. Cisco’s reliability ensures smooth connectivity that boosts your business. The Cisco SF302-08MPP switch can transform your small business’s network.

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Cisco SF302-08Mpp Switch First Hand Review Video

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  • Layer 3 routing capabilities for more advanced network configurations
  • Advanced QoS and security features for protecting your network
  • Eight ports provide plenty of connectivity options
  • Comes with included components for easy setup
  • Compatible with PC and Mac devices

Core Feature

Brand Cisco
Number of Ports 8
Included Components Rack mounting kit, Switch – 8 ports – L3 – managed
Color Black
Compatible Devices PC, Mac
Product Dimensions ‎21.75 x 12 x 3.75 inches

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5) STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch

Best switches for small business

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The STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch has 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports for expanding networks. This switch connects Ethernet-enabled computers, printers, servers, and more. Eliminate network congestion and enjoy seamless data transmission.

PoE Devices

PoE capabilities on this switch reduces the need for device power cords. IP cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points that support PoE can connect directly to the switch to receive power and data over an Ethernet cable. This simplifies setup, organises cables, and optimises device location.

Seamless Integration and Expansion

Easy Network Growth

The STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch has a Gigabit SFP uplink connection for network expansion. Connect this port to switches or servers to easily expand your network. Your network infrastructure will communicate and work better.

Fast, Reliable Data Transfer

Data transfers quickly with the STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch. Video streaming and internet gaming run smoothly on this switch. Avoid lag and latency with a fast network.

Effortless Installation

Easy Plug-and-Play Integration

The STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch is plug-and-play for easy setup. The switch will automatically recognise and setup your devices when connected. This time-saving feature lets you focus on more important tasks.

Lasting Design

The STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch’s metal construction ensures durability in tough settings. This switch can withstand daily use, providing a reliable networking solution.


Boost network performance and reliability with the STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch.This switch is ideal for network administrators seeking a cost-effective, efficient solution due to its broad connectivity options, PoE functionality, simple integration, and robust design. Give up network limits and embrace a network that helps your business or home network thrive. Get the STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch to maximise your network’s potential.

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STEAMEMO Gigabit PoE Switch First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Dead Meat


  • PoE technology for easy device powering
  • 26 ports provide plenty of connectivity options
  • Durable metal construction for long-lasting use
  • Comes with included components for easy setup
  • Compatible with desktop devices

Core Feature

Number of Ports 26
Included Components poe switch
Compatible Devices Desktop
Switch Type Metal
Package Dimensions 18.27 x 10.47 x 3.54 inches

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6) Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G Switch

Best switches for small business

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The Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G switch has eight ports for easy device connectivity. This switch keeps your business’s desktop PCs, printers, and other devices connected.

Simplicity for Compatibility

This switch was carefully designed for small enterprises. The Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G switch is 10.56 x 7.28 x 1.73 inches and performs well in small locations. Its desktop device interoperability makes it a versatile networking option for diverse work situations.

PoE for Efficiency and Convenience

The Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G switch, a network administration innovation, supports PoE technology. This lets you power your devices straight from the switch and avoid external power sources. PoE reduces cable clutter, simplifies installation, and boosts device power.

Advanced Network Security

Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G switch prioritises security in today’s digital world. This switch protects your network with ACLs and SSH Protocol. ACLs let you set rules and permissions for network resources to restrict access to sensitive data. SSH Protocol also encrypts network conversations, protecting data.

Maintaining Data Security

Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G switch provides stable networking and excellent security. This switch speeds up data transport using Gigabit Ethernet, boosting corporate productivity.

Conclusion: Unleash Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G Switch Power

Small organisations looking for a safe and efficient networking solution may choose the Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G switch. Power over Ethernet, flexible connectivity, and a small design make networking easy. Access Control Lists and Secure Shell Protocol secure your data. The Cisco organisation CBS350-8P-E-2G switch will improve your network and help your organisation thrive in the digital age.

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Cisco Business CBS350-8P-E-2G Switch First Hand Review Video

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  • Supports PoE technology for easy device powering
  • Eight ports provide plenty of connectivity options
  • Advanced security features for protecting your network
  • Comes with included components for easy setup
  • Compatible with desktop devices

Core Feature

Brand Cisco
Number of Ports 8
Compatible Devices Desktop
Item Dimensions LxWxH 10.56 x 7.28 x 1.73 inches
Item Weight 3.37 Pounds

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7) Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch

Best switches for small business

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The Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch optimises network performance and ensures lightning-fast data transmission. This switch connects IP phones, wireless access points, and security cameras without additional power using 24 Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectors. This alone facilitates network device deployment and power adapter management.

PoE Improves Network Efficiency

The Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch delivers power and data over one Ethernet cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. This removes power sources and simplifies network setups. Consolidating power and data transmission saves time, money, and simplifies network infrastructure.

Cisco Smart Network Application Simplified Network Management

All firms need effective network management. Cisco Smart Network Application simplifies CBS110-24PP-D Switch configuration and monitoring. This straightforward tool simplifies network management for administrators. The Cisco Smart Network Application lets you control networks from performance to security.

Safe and Reliable

Businesses prioritise security in the digital age. Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch security features protect your network from outside threats. ACLs, SSH, and SSL encryption safeguard your network and data against unauthorised access.

The CBS110-24PP-D Switch also lasts. Cisco, known for its quality and durability, guarantees this switch performs flawlessly in the most demanding conditions. Network outage has over.

Future Growth Scalability

Network needs grow with your business. The Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch is highly scalable, allowing your company to grow. This switch lets you prioritise network traffic for key applications and services using VLANs and QoS.

Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Unlocks Network Potential

Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch leads network infrastructure. Businesses seeking network efficiency should choose it due to its performance, security, and scalability. Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch eliminates network bottlenecks for a quicker, more reliable network.

Experience Cisco’s cutting-edge networking technologies and invest in your business’s future. Upgrade to the Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch to expand your network’s capabilities.

Your business relies on your network. Cisco offers unmatched performance, dependability, and security. Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch elevates your network.

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Cisco Business CBS110-24PP-D Switch First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Upgrade


  • 24 ports provide plenty of connectivity options
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology for easy device powering
  • Power Diode technology protects your network from power surges and spikes
  • Comes with included components for easy setup
  • Compatible with desktop devices

Core Feature

Brand Cisco
Number of Ports 24
Included Components Switch, Power cord or adapter, 
Compatible Devices Desktop
Switch Type Power Diode
Product Dimensions ‎17.32 x 7.97 x 1.73 inches

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Best switches for small business 2023-Complete Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a switch for small business use, there is no one size fits all solution. The best switch will depend on the size of your business, its location, budget and specific needs.

This guide will explore the components of an ideal small business switch, including performance, port count and scalability. Additionally, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both managed and unmanaged switches, so you can make an informed decision. Finally, we’ll provide you with some top recommendations to help get you started.

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Importance of network switches for small businesses

When it comes to running a small business, network switches are essential for ensuring that data is securely and reliably transferred from one device to another. Switches are responsible for managing the flow of traffic between computers and other connected devices such as printers, cameras, and access points. By allowing for more efficient communication within the business’s internal network, switches can have a major impact on the organization’s overall productivity.

Switches provide better performance than a hub-based network as they can handle more data traffic faster and more securely. They also allow every device in the network to communicate directly with each other, whereas a hub-based system has limitations on how many connections can be made at once. Additionally, certain switches offer power savings which can help lower costs associated with powering these devices.

In order to ensure that all devices operate optimally on an internal business’s network without any security risks or bottlenecks, it is important to choose the right type of switch. This comprehensive guide will help small businesses navigate through some key considerations when shopping for a new switch including:

  • Port speeds and types
  • Budget constraints
  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • PoE (power over Ethernet) capabilities
  • Additional features offered by each manufacturer.

Overview of the topic

Network switches are an essential component in any small business network, connecting multiple devices and routing traffic over single and multiple networks. The right switch helps achieve better performance by managing and controlling data at appropriate levels while also offering flexibility to expand your network.

Choosing the best switch for a small business can be challenging due to the large number of options available, each with varying capabilities, connecting technologies, and benefits. This guide provides an overview of the main considerations for selecting a switch for your small business network, including products from leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Ubiquiti, Meraki, and HPE Aruba.

For each manufacturer’s products, this guide highlights features such as port speed and control options, voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities, access control lists (ACLs), security protocols such as 802.1x authentication, integrated management suites, as well as stackability and power-over-Ethernet (PoE). It also provides additional information on specific product characteristics that help narrow down the choices when making a purchasing decision.

Additionally, this guide covers popular topics such as virtual local area networks (VLANs), Quality of Service (QoS) tagging for improved bandwidth efficiency and prioritization of time-sensitive communications, wireless access point connectivity for seamless integration with existing technologies to extend wireless capability across larger areas or facilities from one device location – all in an effort to ensure businesses select the best solution for their needs.

Features to Consider

When choosing the best switches for your small business in 2023, there are several important features to consider. Depending on your organization’s needs, one or more of these may be essential for your setup:

  1. ports and speeds: Switches come with different numbers of ports, which refer to the number of Ethernet connections they offer. The port speed (or bandwidth) will also be indicated on switch boxes or product specifications. Faster port speeds allow for more data transfer and thus better performance, while larger numbers of ports can suffice an expanding network.
  2. cost: The price tag is an important factor when purchasing a switch. You’ll want to ensure that it fits within your budget and doesn’t break the bank. However, it’s essential to note that a lower price tag may mean less capable performance or features – so don’t forget to check out the specs!
  3. scalability: If you plan on expanding your small business’s network in the near future, make sure you select a switch that can upgrade its firmware or scale up with additional ports as needed. Some switches may even support multiple networks within one device – perfect for larger businesses!
  4. Power over Ethernet (PoE): PoE-enabled devices are advantageous because they enable you to power multiple devices from just one Ethernet connection rather than from multiple plugs – thereby saving both money and energy consumption costs significantly in the long-term.
  5. ethernet cabling types: Not all switches are compatible with all ethernet cabling types! Make sure you know what type of cabling is needed before investing in a specific switch model as it could get expensive if you have to replace all existing wiring too quickly after purchase!

Port count and speed

Port count and speed are among the most important considerations when looking at switching solutions for a small business. Switches typically offer anywhere from 5 to 48 ports, ever-faster speeds, and different features that suit different types of businesses.

For example, port count and speed must be considered when determining the size of the office you’ll be working with. The number of users who need network access through the same switch is also a factor when selecting the number of ports needed.

When it comes to speeds, it’s important to consider current speeds versus speed offerings for newer switches. Generally speaking, higher speeds (up to 10 or even 100 Gigabit) are available if you’re willing to invest in a more expensive switch. As an example, if you have an office with mixed devices that connect simultaneously via computers and other devices (e.g., phones), then you will require higher bandwidths and might need to upgrade your switch accordingly; conversely, if your office has mainly computer users who do not stream or download media regularly then gigabit switches may suffice as they offer more than enough port count and speed capabilities for minimal usage rates.

Furthermore, reliability and security should be high priority factors when selecting switches; consider investing in advanced services such as systems integration or managed services that can provide greater control over processes like virtual LANs (VLANs) or redundancy capabilities that can keep your network running smoothly even during peak hours of usage or under exceptionally heavy loads.

VLANs and Quality of Service (QoS)

VLANs and Quality of Service (QoS) are two features that can be used together to provide robust network services to multiple clients. The effective use of VLANs and QoS can help maintain better network performance and security. When planning for a small business network, it is important to understand how VLANs and QoS can be implemented together for the best results.

VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) divide networks into logically segmented LANs so that traffic between devices in different VLANs needs to pass through a special router instead of through the local switch or hub, thereby reducing local traffic congestion. Each VLAN is assigned its own IP address range which provides isolation from other local LAN segments while still providing connectivity between different devices within the same range. This makes it easy to manage each segment and maintain privacy between segments.

QoS (Quality of Service) is a feature offered on some switches which helps prioritize certain types of traffic within the LAN. For example, it allows priority for applications such as VoIP or VPN that require constant high transfer rates since these applications use up more resources than regular web browsing or email applications. By using QoS, users can ensure that their important applications get the required attention from the switch even when there is heavy load on the network from other applications sharing resources.

By combining the features found in VLANs and QoS for small business networking purposes, one can create an efficient and secure system which allows them to better monitor and manage their network traffic with improved performance than if they were using just one feature alone. This improved control will help organizations better allocate resources while ensuring maximum uptime with no downtime or slowdowns due to overlapping system loads or user demands.

Security features

When choosing the best switches for small businesses, another important feature to consider is security. Ideally, a secure switch should have the ability to protect both the user and the device data over multiple networks. To ensure this type of protection, look for features such as:

  • Port security: This ensures that data is secure in transit by preventing unauthorized access to networks and denying any unauthorized attempts to access ports.
  • Access control lists: This keeps unwanted traffic out of networks by specifying which addresses are allowed on each port.
  • Encryption/decryption: Encryption/decryption functions make data unreadable during transmission and space it harder for malicious actors to use this data in any way.
  • Intrusion prevention systems: These detect potential threats and block them before they can cause any damage.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet switches (PoE) are ideal for powering devices such as VoIP phones, computer networks and surveillance systems. They provide the same network connection capabilities as regular network switches but with the added benefit of providing power to each port. This is especially useful for areas that don’t have access to electrical outlets, allowing devices to be connected without having to worry about accessing a power source.

PoE switches come in various configurations and speeds, with some offering 10/100Mbps and some offering 10/100/1000Mbps. Speeds vary depending on the model and manufacturer but faster speeds will allow better performance when transferring data between devices. When purchasing PoE switches you should consider:

  • Budget
  • Throughput rate
  • Dedicated PoE ports
  • Additional features offered by different models such as port mirroring or VLAN segregation.

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Management capabilities

When you’re choosing a switch for your small business, it’s important to ensure it has the right networks management capabilities to suit your needs. Management capabilities will allow you to take complete control of the switch from any remote location, configure settings, monitor performance and more.

Look for switches with Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that supports:

  • Multi-device configuration management
  • Configuration audit log for tracking changes
  • Fault and performance monitoring
  • Stacked switches with a single GUI view
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) scheduling
  • Enhanced versioning control techniques
  • Role based access control (RBAC)
  • Secure firmware and configuration file transfers

Additionally, consider switches that are compatible with Network Configuration Protocols (NETCONF), Representational State Transfer Configuration Protocols (RESTCONF), Traversal Using Relay NAT/Network Address Translation protocols (TR069/TR064), along with vendor proprietary data models. These protocols should allow for automated or semi automated device configuration and roll out updates across multiple devices at once. Automation can help improve the speed of deploying applications and services on your network making them accessible to users instantly.


In conclusion, there are a variety of factors to take into account when choosing the most suitable switch for your small business. Understanding your network and its needs will help you form an initial list of switch options, and then performing further research will help you determine which particular model offers the features and specifications that best meet your requirements.

When making a purchasing decision, it’s important to look at the reliability and scalability of the switch. Consider how it fits into your existing network architecture, as well as its security features – these two aspects can make or break an efficient enterprise-level network. Finally, think about how easy it is to use in day-to-day operations and whether or not you’ll need to invest in any extra training for everyone in your organization that may need access to this new technology.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can be sure that the switch you choose for your business will meet all its needs for years to come.


How do I choose a small business switch?

When choosing a small business switch, consider factors such as number of ports, speed, VLAN support, power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, security features, and budget.

Which company network switch is best?

There is no one “best” company network switch as it depends on individual business needs and preferences. Some popular brands in the market include Cisco, Netgear, and TP-Link.

Does network switch slow down speed?

A network switch can potentially slow down speed if it doesn’t have enough bandwidth to handle the network traffic. This is why it’s important to choose a switch with enough ports and appropriate speed to support your network requirements.

What is SMB switches?

SMB (Small and Medium Business) switches are network switches specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses. They often offer cost-effective, yet advanced network management capabilities compared to consumer-grade switches.

Do small businesses need managed switches?

It depends on the size and complexity of a small business’s network. Managed switches provide more advanced network management and security features, but may not be necessary for smaller networks. Unmanaged switches may be sufficient for basic network setup and operation.

Which is better SMB or NFS?

SMB and NFS (Network File System) are two different technologies. SMB is a protocol for sharing files and printers in a network, while NFS is a network file sharing protocol used primarily in Unix and Linux environments. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them depends on the specific requirements of your network.

Do people still use SMB?

Yes, SMB is still widely used and is supported by various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Does SMB work without Internet?

SMB does require an Internet connection to function, as it is a protocol for sharing files and printers in a network.

Which is better CIFS or SMB?

CIFS (Common Internet File System) and SMB are very similar protocols and are often used interchangeably. Both are used for sharing files and printers in a network.

Is CIFS outdated?

CIFS is not outdated, but it has been largely replaced by SMB in recent years. SMB is a newer and more advanced version of the protocol, offering improved security and support for newer technologies.

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